Tim Christopher, Jason Koulouris, and Bil Christopher

Tim "Padre" Christopher

  • The Founder: I’m the “Older Statesmen” of the group. What the hell does that mean…I don’t know, but it sounded good. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced riding the roads with some of the best people one could hope to come across in a lifetime – the fellow founders of the ASRC. Now, I’m hoping to share some of those experiences with others.
  • The Rider: I’m the “old man” of the group. I’ve ridden for a couple of years, mostly road some trail in my youth. Not the fastest, may even be the slowest…but still a bit of an adrenalin junkie (aren’t all riders?). I like being the “tail gunner” and guarding our backs during lane changes and making sure we all arrive safely.


Jason "Ghost" Koulouris

  • The Founder: At 35, I found out I wasn’t an only child, I finally met my bro’s, the fellow founders of the Angry Scotsmen’s. I’m the quiet one (comparatively speaking) but either in the background or the forefront, I stand solid when it comes to my bros.
  • The Rider: You know that guy who just can’t help but twist the throttle in the curves, that’s me. Who says a cruiser can’t perform! When I ride with the bros, I prefer to be either in the middle of the pack or the tailgunner, it keeps me from riding alone.


Bil "Rev" Christopher (RETIRED)

  • The Founder: I am “that guy”… you know, the one that says stuff that makes you REALLY uncomfortable. I have a tendency to say what I’m thinking regardless of the situation. I don’t make friends easy but those that I call “brother” will have a friend they can count on for life… or until YOU decide that I’m no longer YOUR friend. The other founders know where I stand and understand that when I say I have your back, I mean it. I’m “that guy”… you know, the one that you can count on.
  • The Rider: I’m the free spirited guy you might have seen riding down the road with this feet up on his turn signals (if they’re on this week). I’ve ridden different kinds of bikes over the years and can work on most of them… not that I like to since it cuts into my riding time. When riding in a group though, I’m all business. I keep an eye out on all to make sure all are safe and having a good time. I thoroughly enjoy riding, and can assume any position from ride leader (when I have my mirrors on my bike) to tail gunner. Whether in a group or riding solo, it’s still all about the ride.